EFT Tapping for times of uncertainty

Many people are experiencing a lot of uncertainty and change in their lives as well as the world around them. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed isn’t it? A need to be adaptable to changing circumstances will help you to cope … Continue reading →

Love Heals Everything

Love heals everything

It was Gary Zuchav that said “Eventually you will come to understand that LOVE HEALS EVERYTHING and love is all there is”. Research that the Heart Math Institute has conducted proves that there is such a thing as heart coherance. … Continue reading →

EFT Tapping and Parenting Teenagers

EFT Tapping and Parenting Teenagers

I’m sure all parents of teenagers know the teen years can be a parenting minefield. When you have kids from aged thirteen through till aged nineteen you get up each morning never really knowing what the day may bring, perhaps door slamming, stamping … Continue reading →

EFT Tapping for Study Anxiety

EFT Tapping for study anxiety

Studying, no matter what level, for many brings with it a degree of anxiety. Having got back into my own tertiary study this week and feeling time pressured I became aware that I wasn’t taking in what I was reading, … Continue reading →

Eliminating fears and phobias with EFT Tapping

Eliminating fears and phobias with EFT

EFT Tapping can effectively release a wide range of phobias. How would that feel to have a life-long phobia disappear in one or two sessions of EFT Tapping? There are a wide range of phobias, with some of the more … Continue reading →

EFT Tapping for children

EFT for children

  Children as young as 3 years of age can learn to tap along themselves. Babies and toddlers are best helped by a parent gently touching or rubbing the tapping points. Babies, toddlers, and children can benefit from EFT Tapping … Continue reading →

Procrastination and EFT Tapping


Do you find it really difficult to get started on important projects and have a habit of putting off important jobs until later? Maybe you’re suffering from debilitating procrastination! In other words you know you ought to be attending to … Continue reading →

Benefits of EFT

Benefits of EFT

There are literally thousands of testimonials showing the numerous benefits of EFT Tapping. While EFT Tapping cannot change what you’ve experienced in the past it can radically change how you feel about the past. EFT Tapping can be used for such … Continue reading →

Low Self Esteem and EFT Tapping

Low Self Esteem

In a nutshell low self esteem can hugely affect the direction your life takes and the flow on effects can be drastic. On the other hand good self esteem is all about feeling comfortable with yourself; after all it is … Continue reading →

Emotional Healing with EFT Tapping

Emotional Healing

When you experience true emotional healing the wonderful spin off is healing on all levels can occur because of the mind body connection. Not convinced of a mind body connection? It was Descartes that saw the body as a “bag of … Continue reading →