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The causes of stress are many and varied and can come from both negative and positive events. For instance we are all familiar with stress caused by running late for a meeting or from finding your car tire flat but stress from positive events is also true. An example of this would be anticipation of an overseas trip or planning your wedding, both take preparation and bring with them a degree of stress but both are events you’d likely look forward to and are viewed positively.

Is stress an inevitable part of life?

It has been said that the only time we are without stress is when we die! The trick is to keep within your own personal stress zone as much as possible. Life to a certain degree is unpredictable so while working within your own zone isn’t possible all of the time it’s what we do most of the time that counts.

Too much stress can have a serious affect on your health but equally what you may not realize is that too little stress is also damaging to your health. By too little stress we mean people that have monotonous routines and suffer boredom and have no direction in their life. This is where always having something to look forward to can help. Set personal goals.

Three main areas of stress

The causes of stress tend to come from three main areas; money or financial stress, relationship stress, and work stress.

Work stress could include commuting, too high a workload, relationships strain with co-workers or the boss, juggling work commitments with family commitments, changing jobs or careers, and moving towns to begin a new job.

Money or financial stress can come about from a lack of money, difficulty meeting financial commitments, and concern about investments in stocks and shares.

Relationship stress such as marital stress from life imbalances such as working too long hours, fighting over money or household chores, sexual difficulties, illness, overcrowding in the home, noise pollution from neighbours or transport noise can affect all areas of a person’s life.

All of these very real causes of stress can affect your ability to feel at peace with yourself and the world around you. Take time to think through the various aspects of your life that cause you stress, re-evaluate and take time for self reflection. Use EFT Tapping to tap on those issues that are bothersome to you. Some issues can be worked through and changed, others you may feel you have no control over and may leave you feeling frustrated, vulnerable, and helpless. Whatever the causes of stress in your life, use EFT Tapping to tap on any emotions that cause you stress whether it be related to work stress, money or financial stress, or relationship stress.

If you’d prefer to work with an experienced Tapping therapist, contact me today to arrange a suitable time. I welcome your enquiry.

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