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The effects of stress on the body can be huge with many people these days paying a high price for stress levels that are too high over too long period of time. An important point to remember is that the body is either in a “fight or flight” OR “growth and repair”,  it cannot be in both states at the same time.  In other words when the body is experiencing stress that is at too high a level it is flooded with cortisol and adrenaline and cannot focus on healing and repairing the body; when this goes on for too long you increase the risk of suffering stress induced disease as the load on your immune system becomes too great. This is where Achieve Emotional Freedom with the use of Tapping Therapy can help you manage the effects of stress.

What happens when the stress response is activated?

When the stress response is activated your heart rate increases, your pupils dilate, you breathe faster, you may break out in a sweat.  Do you recognise this process? In our ancestors days most threats were of a physical nature such as the potential threat of a wild animal so you either ran away or fought the animal off. This physical response of fighting or fleeing meant the adrenaline that flooded the body could be burned off. What tends to happen today is the “threat” is not usually of a physical nature rather it is work related stress, or relationship stress, or financial stress, so this coupled with a more sedentary lifestyle adds up to chronic health damaging stress. The trouble with this all to frequent scenario though is its insidious nature, because it goes on every day it is often perceived as normal.

The Mind-Body connection

There is plenty of evidence to show the connection between mind and body. What can be overlooked with physical issues is that its cause could be mental or emotional in other words from a stressful event or series of events. For example, you may have developed migraine headaches that seem to be occurring more frequently. The connection you may not have made however is that shortly before the migraine headaches began you may have increased your hours at work, you have a new boss at work, and your youngest child had just started school. The connection you may have overlooked is these increased stressors in relation to the development of your migraine headaches.

This is where the beauty and simplicity of EFT Tapping comes in. EFT Tapping has been used by many thousands of people on a range of physical and emotional issues with great success and it is just as easily resolved if the event occurred yesterday, five years or fifty years ago.  When the effects of stress become too great, EFT Tapping or Tapping Therapy can be used to help reduce your stress levels down to a more manageable level.

Looking for an EFT consultant to work with? Contact me today to discuss. I am available for ‘in person’ appointments at my office as well as via Skype or over the phone. I look forward to hearing from you.

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