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It goes without saying that stress and anxiety go hand in hand. Common symptoms of anxiety are heart palpitations, extreme tiredness, light-headedness, loss of appetite, nausea possibly with diarrhea, sweaty palms, and tightness or constriction of the throat area. When life’s stressors become too much and go on for too long, stress and symptoms of anxiety can result.

How can EFT Tapping help?

EFT can be extremely effective  for stress and anxiety. There are two approaches that can be taken. Firstly, tap on the specific issues that are causing you undue amounts of stress. Secondly, tap on the specific anxiety symptoms themselves.

Some example of tapping on anxiety symptoms include;

“Even though I have these heart palpitations I choose to feel calm and relaxed”

“Even though I feel exhausted most of the time I deeply and completely love and accept myself”

“Even though I feel so light headed I choose to feel balanced and relaxed”

“Even though I feel so anxious I don’t feel like eating I choose to feel calm and relaxed anyway”

“Even though I feel nauseous I love and accept myself anyway”

Even though my bowels are loose I choose to feel in control”

“Even though I have this constriction around my throat I deeply and completely love and accept myself”

Most importantly, think about the times in your past when you felt anxious and tap on those specific events.

Thinking longer term, other important tools to use in your tool box include a healthy nutritious diet, adequate rest and sleep, daily relaxation or meditative time, and daily aerobic exercise.  Don’t forget to take time out for yourself doing the things that you love to do such as a walk in the forest, a night out at the movies, listening to your favourite music, reading a good book. All these things can add value to your life and help you to keep life in perspective.

How about your thoughts? What is your self-talk like? Are you focusing on all the things that could possibly go wrong? You are only ever a decision away from changing a thought. As humans we have a tendency to compare our situation to others in a better situation and the end result can mean we feel worse. Endeavour to compare your situation to someone in a worse scenario to give yourself a different take on the matter.

Look for the good in your given situation too. It’s easy to only see what’s bad I know but as Bob Proctor once said “you can’t by natural law have an up without a down, an in without an out or a front without a back”. In other words natural law states that if there is something bad about a situation there MUST be something good about it…keep looking and don’t forget to use EFT Tapping to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Need a helping hand to change debilitating  stress and anxiousness into feeling calm and relaxed? Contact me today to schedule an EFT Tapping consultation either ‘ in person’ or via Skype or phone.

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