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Eliminating fears and phobias with EFT
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EFT Tapping can effectively release a wide range of phobias. How would that feel to have a life-long phobia disappear in one or two sessions of EFT Tapping? There are a wide range of phobias, with some of the more common ones being animal and insect phobias such as fear of dogs, spider phobia, moth phobia, rodents such as mice and rat phobia. Other common phobias include, fear of crowds, elevator phobia, lift phobia, height phobia, needle phobia, Dentist phobia, Doctor phobia, hospital phobia, public speaking phobia, fear of flying, clown phobia, claustrophobia, germ phobia, social phobia, fear of driving etc. The one thing all these phobias have in common is they’re irrational fears that are often related to a past traumatic event or events.

How is a phobia different from a fear?

The main difference is a phobia is an excessive fear in epic proportions and is irrational by nature.

How EFT Tapping can be used for a phobia.

Let’s take a phobia of mice as an example. Perhaps just the mere thought of a mouse breaks you out in a sweat, you become fidgety ready to escape at the first sign of a real mouse, your heart is racing, you feel nauseous and your chest feels full of anxiety. We will tap on all the various aspects of the mouse that you don’t like, such as its bulging eyes, skinny tail, pink nose and feet, fast darting movement etc. We will also include how you feel it physically in your body such as breaking out in a sweat, rapid heart rate, and tightness in the stomach.

We will also look at what event likely triggered the phobia. An example is recalling an event in your childhood when you were 11 years old where some boys in your class had put a mouse in your school desk. When you lifted the lid and saw it you screamed and everyone in the class laughed. We will then tap on this specific event.

The great news is that once the phobia has been eliminated with EFT Tapping it’s usually gone permanently.

I have successfully used Tapping with many clients on a wide range of phobias. Most phobias can be eliminated quickly and easily with EFT Tapping.

Need help eliminating fears and phobias? Book an EFT Tapping session with me today either in my comfortable consulting room in Lower Hutt or by phone/Skype from the comfort of your own home from anywhere throughout New Zealand.

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