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Help with Stress
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Today’s typical modern fast paced lifestyle can wreak havoc on the body when it is placed under too much stress for too long a period and many people feel they need help for stress that has got out of hand. Tension increases and if it is not released through physical activity like our forebears would have experienced, then not only does the physical body suffer but you may also suffer mentally and emotionally.

Each of us have ‘weak points’ in our bodies. When stress is at an unmanageable level things start to go wrong such as increased tension in your neck and back, you may develop headaches, skin complaints such as psoriasis or worse still stomach or duodenal ulcers may develop, or even heart disease. On an emotional level you may feel irritable, anxious, depressed, or suffer from bouts of insomnia.

If you don’t have the tools to cope with chronic stress you could find yourself turning to destructive ways of coping such as overeating, smoking, drugs, or alcohol abuse. Escapism is another form of detrimental coping such as watching movies or sexual addiction in order to escape or take your mind off the problem.

So, what can you do?

EFT Tapping is extremely beneficial to quickly calm and relax you. There are several different ways to tap on stress. Try tapping on what’s bugging you at the moment. What seems unmanageable right now? Is it something you have the power to change or is it outside of your control? What are the feelings that come up for you around this issue? You can also tap on simply feeling too stressed and wishing to feel calm and relaxed instead.   Try beginning your day with tapping three rounds of EFT on the following;

“Even though I feel totally stressed out right now I choose to feel calm and relaxed”.

After tapping that round what if anything surfaced? Tap on that too.

Other useful changes to your lifestyle can include exercise. Exercise has been found to be very helpful because as tension increases and your body releases adrenaline by going for a jog or brisk walk you’ll burn off the excessive adrenaline and your body will release endorphins or “feel good” hormones helping you to feel better and more relaxed.

How about rest and relaxation? Are you getting enough YOU time? I know I hear you saying you don’t understand I don’t have time for that. The point is in order to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life you need to have your life in balance as much as possible. Years ago I heard a lady say “you don’t find time you have to make time” and I believe she was absolutely right. Look at each area of your life and see how you can work things to make time for YOU to enjoy the pleasures of life such as getting out in nature, special time with loved ones, going to a comedy show.

So take a look at each area of your life and self assess. Help for stress is only ever as far away as your fingertips with EFT Tapping! And for expert help for stress contact me today for a chat about how Tapping Therapy can assist you. I offer ‘in person’ appointments as well as via Skype and over the phone consultations.

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