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Loss and Grief
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Working through loss and grief is an inevitable part of life and yet the vast majority of people feel unprepared when faced with loss and grief whether it be their own or others grief. In Western society especially, it is something we’d rather put away behind closed doors! While no one can take that grief away for you, EFT or Tapping therapy can help bring relief to the many emotions you will be feeling.

For most people some degree of loss and grief is experienced early in life. This could be from separation at birth, starting preschool or school, the loss of a favourite toy, grief from the death of a Grandparent, or a pet; all of these scenarios can bring a sense of loss and grief. Later on of course it can be the break-up of a relationship or divorce, the death of close family and friends.

Even as adults you may struggle to know what to do or say when someone close to you is facing an uncertain future or terminal illness. We can feel numb, emotionless at times followed by waves of grief that come on unexpectedly. Pain and overwhelming sadness may engulf and surprise you. These are the very times to use EFT Tapping. When you have lost someone you were close to, visiting significant places, special dates such as Anniversaries, birthdays and family celebrations such as Christmas can be a time of great sadness. Tap on the emotions you are experiencing while thinking about the memories of these significant dates.

What are the symptoms of grief and loss?

With loss and grief a range of emotions can be experienced from anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, hurt, and loneliness to name a few. Physically you may feel weak, feel hollow in your stomach, tightness in your throat area, you may suffer a dry mouth. Not surprisingly you may have difficulty sleeping, lack an appetite, withdraw from those around you, and have crying episodes. You may be asking simply why? You may feel guilt and helplessness because it is out of your control.

Whatever you may be experiencing will be your own unique experience of grief and loss. No two people will react the same to loss and grief. EFT Tapping can certainly help you to feel more in control, and tap on the range of feelings you may be experiencing.

How to comfort a loved one who is grieving.

If you are faced with comforting a loved one through their own grief, be present for the person, often no words are needed, a look or a hug can say it all. Be there and allow them to talk if they feel the desire to and if they don’t just your mere presence will convey that you care for them.

They may feel disorientated and confused, you could offer to take care of basic needs like fetching some groceries from the local shop, washing some dishes, or doing the laundry.

The length of time loss and grief can take to be worked through varies from person to person. There is no hurry and remember Tapping therapy can be an enormous tool to help you work through all the different feelings associated with loss and grief. Be gentle with yourself!

Feel you need some extra assistance in working through your grief? Contact me to arrange an ‘in person’ appointment or via Skype or over the phone from the comfort of your home.

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