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Low Self Esteem
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In a nutshell low self esteem can hugely affect the direction your life takes and the flow on effects can be drastic. On the other hand good self esteem is all about feeling comfortable with yourself; after all it is an inside job! People with low self esteem tend to stay in boring jobs because they can’t see themselves being good at a better job. They tend to stay in unfulfilling relationships, even abusive relationships because they don’t believe they deserve anything better. These people feel incredibly frustrated and trapped, unable to change their situation.

Take a look at how you see yourself. Does the person that you see have some wonderful qualities or do you see only the not so wonderful qualities? After all we all have the both sides of the coin if we were honest with ourselves. How do you talk to yourself? Do you compliment yourself or are you always criticizing yourself? Are you a pessimist or an optimist?

“What we think we become” ~ Buddha

Once you have figured this out your next task is to see if you know where these beliefs came from. Did they come from what others said to you and from experiences you had? Make a list of these. An example could be a person who walks around with the limiting belief that “I’m not good enough”. This belief could have formed from when he was a little boy and his father regularly ridiculed him in front of others and told him he was a “good for nothing”!

If you are unsure what the beliefs are that are contributing to your low self esteem, try saying out loud “I have low self esteem because…” or “I’m not good enough because…” and see what revelations you might have.

Really try to become aware of your “self talk” and when you catch yourself berating yourself, choose to change it for something more positive. Also practice daily relaxation and visualization seeing yourself as you’d really like to be.

Using EFT Tapping on limiting beliefs

I’d encourage you to use EFT Tapping on any limiting beliefs you have about yourself as well and most importantly tap on all your specific events that have contributed to your low self esteem. Give yourself time to work through this process and be gentle on yourself. You may find some of the events that need working on are simply too painful or unsafe to work through on your own. We offer Tapping Therapy either in person or via SKYPE or phone in the privacy of your home.

When tapping on yourself to tap on “my low self esteem” would be too global a statement. Rather tap on specific events that have led you to hold negative beliefs about yourself. Over a period of time you should find your low self esteem improve!

To book an ‘in person’ Tapping consultation or via Skype or phone from any where in the world contact me today!

Keep tapping! 🙂

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