EFT Tapping and Parenting Teenagers

EFT Tapping and Parenting Teenagers

I’m sure all parents of teenagers know the teen years can be a parenting minefield. When you have kids from aged thirteen through till aged nineteen you get up each morning never really knowing what the day may bring, perhaps door slamming, stamping … Continue reading →

EFT Tapping for Study Anxiety

EFT Tapping for study anxiety

Studying, no matter what level, for many brings with it a degree of anxiety. Having got back into my own tertiary study this week and feeling time pressured I became aware that I wasn’t taking in what I was reading, … Continue reading →

Eliminating fears and phobias with EFT Tapping

Eliminating fears and phobias with EFT

EFT Tapping can effectively release a wide range of phobias. How would that feel to have a life-long phobia disappear in one or two sessions of EFT Tapping? There are a wide range of phobias, with some of the more … Continue reading →

EFT Tapping for children

EFT for children

  Children as young as 3 years of age can learn to tap along themselves. Babies and toddlers are best helped by a parent gently touching or rubbing the tapping points. Babies, toddlers, and children can benefit from EFT Tapping … Continue reading →

Procrastination and EFT Tapping


Do you find it really difficult to get started on important projects and have a habit of putting off important jobs until later? Maybe you’re suffering from debilitating procrastination! In other words you know you ought to be attending to … Continue reading →