Survivors of Abuse and EFT Tapping

Survivor of Abuse

Any survivor of abuse will tell you the impact of the abuse lives on for many, many years if not a lifetime, unless good quality help is sought. Abuse can be emotional, physical, verbal, or sexual. Some of the disturbing … Continue reading →

Emotional Trauma and EFT Tapping

Emotional Trauma

An emotional trauma is an event or a series of events which you find incredibly overwhelming such as surviving an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, or severe flooding. It can also apply to accidents such as a car crash, plane crash, … Continue reading →

Help for Stress with EFT Tapping

Help with Stress

Today’s typical modern fast paced lifestyle can wreak havoc on the body when it is placed under too much stress for too long a period and many people feel they need help for stress that has got out of hand. … Continue reading →

Affirmations and Tail Enders

Affirmations and Tail Enders

Affirmations have become very popular, probably more so since the hit movie The Secret and why not. Affirmations are positive statements said in the present tense to effect powerful changes in your life. Affirmations can be about changes you wish … Continue reading →

Help for Depression with EFT Tapping

Help for depression

Depression affects people in varying degrees, and can range from feeling like you have the blues through to moderate and severe depression. Depression affects a person’s thoughts and therefore their feelings and subsequently their behaviour. Help for depression usually begins … Continue reading →

Worrying and EFT Tapping


If you grew up with parents that were always worrying about you then you’ve probably grown up with the message that the world isn’t a safe place and you always have to be careful. If you grew up with these … Continue reading →

Loss and Grief with EFT Tapping

Loss and Grief

Working through loss and grief is an inevitable part of life and yet the vast majority of people feel unprepared when faced with loss and grief whether it be their own or others grief. In Western society especially, it is … Continue reading →

Stress Management and EFT Tapping

Learning good stress management is an essential part of living in this century when stress levels can rise beyond your control. Living with chronic stress has been proven to be detrimental to your health and well being to such a large … Continue reading →

EFT Tapping for Stress and Anxiety

It goes without saying that stress and anxiety go hand in hand. Common symptoms of anxiety are heart palpitations, extreme tiredness, light-headedness, loss of appetite, nausea possibly with diarrhea, sweaty palms, and tightness or constriction of the throat area. When life’s … Continue reading →

Effects of Stress on the Body

The effects of stress on the body can be huge with many people these days paying a high price for stress levels that are too high over too long period of time. An important point to remember is that the … Continue reading →